Wierd shutdown problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Vikash, May 2, 2003.

  1. Vikash

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    I've been using XP great for 18 months. Although the PC was fine since the last app I installed, all of a sudden since yesterday when I try to turn off the PC (either via the 'Turn Off' command or by the soft-shutdown feature of the PCs power button) it shuts down but then restarts immediately. I've tried it numerous times and can't work out what's happened.

    My best guess is that either a hardware fault has developed, or something has gone awry at the bios level.

    What's the best approach to analyse the problem, I don't want to mess up my XP installation if it can be avoided.

  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Have you installed/uninstalled anything recently? Made any changes/tweaks?
  3. Vikash

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    Yes. A few days ago. But I'd shut down the PC several times after that before this problem arose.
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    Whats the prog or progs that u installed doin this???

    Whats the prog or progs that u installed u think doin this???

    if u have norton ghost u could back up ur partition into a file onto another partition so u can format ur drive an reinstall xp and see whether or not it shuts down then, if it does u know u got a software glitch (mostly) if its still there it is most likely hardware based...

    ud have to figure out wat prog is doin it which can b accomplished by seein what the last few progs u installed modified or edited etc but if u format ur gonna have to install a prog then reboot 2 refresh the pc's settings then shutting it down untill and repeat the process which would take alot of time but u would come accross the problem

    theres lots of different ways of findin out whats the prob but that would have to be the most thorough choice i think but it is just a suggestion off the top of my head
  5. This is a totally wild guess, but do you have a network? You could have something enabled that makes your pc automatically turn itself on with the network.

    Also, you said that u tried the power button on yr comp, did u press if for a second or for about 10 seconds, cause some computers need at least 10 seconds for shutdown and just a small press for a restart.