Wierd problem! (processor question)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by vdubVR6, Mar 5, 2003.

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    Okay crazy question. I put artic silver on my processor(AMD XP), well actually a little to much. = ( it spread off of the die and onto the ceramic plate near the ......lost as to what they are called (looks like dots) but either way its on more of the processor then I wish. Now I have had no problems (stability heat etc.) but I want to make sure nothing will happen, I tried my best to get all the compound off and now it has a silver tint on it, is there anything I could use to completly remove the compound ( i was thinking rubbing alcohol ) or should I just leave it alone. Thanks for any help!
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    Arctic's web site recommends acetone then 90% rubbing alcohol
    I have had no problems using lacquer thinner and 70% standard rubbing alcohol. Methanol would probably work as well
    JUst DOnt LIght up when doing this
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    I use doctors rubbing alcohol, I would tell you exactly but I got bored earler this week and pulled the label off.
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    rubbing alcohol... the higher the %, the better. i think i use 90% or something.
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    Thank's for all the advice. I don't have any acetone handy, at least not acetone alone, there is some in my girls finger nail remover (active ingredient), but that has way to many other chemical agents in it, so I think I will pass on that on. I do have some isopropal alcohol 70% but I think I might wait and grab some higher grade chiot from the market later. Again thank you! =0 )