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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by drahzar, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. drahzar

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    I don't remember changing anything that could cause this, but one day I turned on winamp and went to play a game. The game played fine, no lag, but just about every time i moved or did something the music would cut out. This happened with Counter-strike, warcraft 3 and splinter cell, so I don't think it's the game. Anyone know if this could be caused by something specific? or general computer lag? I'm pretty low on disk space, have 1.32 gigs out of 27.9. Could that be causing it? Thanks in advance. It's winamp 2.81 by the way
  2. punkandacoke

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    im really not sure but it generally happens when your low on memory. so if you wanna play games and listen to music try to exit some other crap before you play.
  3. LeeJend

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    Make sure your hard disk is defragged, waiting for the heads to slew around could cause the problem if the music file is fragmented.
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    Ah, I haven't defragged in a while, i'll try it. thanks lee. you too punk, dont have any more programs running now than when it used to work tho, so hopefully I just have to defrag.
  5. Misfire

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    wow, this happens to me too, but it was only recently when i installed winamp 5 beta 2 :)
  6. drahzar

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    defragged and still gettin that, got rid of a ****load of background programs too. done virus checks, spyware checks, everything. Think it might be winamp? Don't remember updating it...
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    man i'm stupid, i set the priority in winamp to idle instead of normal. bleh. oh well, least it works now.