Widescreen monitor issue redux

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bkkpatel, Aug 8, 2006.

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    I too have a Gateway 19 in flat panel widescreen (FPD1975W), and here's the issue I'm having: every time I boot up or turn the monitor on, it stays on for half a second before going blank. The power button remains on but the screen is black. I turn the power off and on, and the image will appear for a split second before going black again. Any thoughts on why this is happening? It's a brand new computer/monitor.
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    Had a similar problem as this recently, I believe in the end it came down to the backlight being borked, fortunately it was time for a new machine anyway in that particular case, so the family just purchased a new computer+LCD.

    If the machine is new, it could be worth contacting Gateway regarding the issue.
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    I have also seen this type of problem when the refresh for your video card is higher than what the monitor can support...

    ALthough he had no mention of the monitor flickering before it went black whih is what happened to me..
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    try booting to safe mode, uninstall the monitor and reboot, if that fails uninstall video drivers and reboot