wich is the best upgrade for me?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by rookie, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. rookie

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    This is my problem.....i wanna make and upgrade....my machine is 1Ghz Athy, 128 Ram (cas 3, pc 133), Gforce2Mx, HDD 40 gig Fireball...and the mobo asus A7V-133.everything is working fine....but my problem is that I want to buy some RAM (like 256 stick) and upgrade the video also (like a Gforce 3ti).I could also make the video upgrade later..and buy a mobo that supports DDR, but then I have to buy DDR memory and get rid of my 128 stick......what should I do?
  2. War

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    if you're really worrying about the ram incompatiabllity then i know that ASUS have a motherboard that can support DDR and SDRam but just not at the same time..
    I think that you should just go for a Geforce3 500 Ti if you can afford it, and later you should upgrade your motherboard and chip.. i can assure you that the Geforce 3 500 Ti will make your 3d games fly....
  3. rookie

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    thanx a lot man.....I'll do like this...buy a G-force 3 ti500 and later will see about the motherboard ...yup..good piece of advice:p
  4. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    w8 until the gf4 ti come out the gf3ti500 sould be 50% off.. im still getting Ati hehehe ( for my economy =P)