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  1. Monkeykler

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    Why the hell do i allways get errors when trying to install games like UT2003 and U2 the awakening?, could it be my hard drive?, all help is apreciative thanks
  2. DragonHeart

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    What kind of errors are they ? we need to know the error messeges for us to help solve the problem :)
  3. Geffy

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    United Kingdom
    What he said and some system specs as well
  4. Monkeykler

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    hi the error is as follows Name of error : Critical Error the message is as follows,

    failed reading source file D:\Animations\Intro_Malcolm.ukx(The operation Completed Successfully)

    The source Media May be bad. If instillation from CD, try cleaning the cd to remove any dirt balh blah blah you know the rest, yes i have cleaned it and its brandnew allmost aswell, this doesnt allways heppen on the same file, My PC spec is as follows

    Windows XP Professional version 2002,
    AMD Athlon 2600+ (2.09GHz)
    512MB DDR Ram,
    ACPI uniprocessor PC,
    ST3120020A 120GB Hard Disk Drive,
    Radeon 9500 Series,
    DVD-16X DVD-ROM BDV316C,
    MSI CD-RW MS-8348
    basic floppy drive,
    primary IDE channel,
    Secondry IDE channel,
    VIA BUS Master IDE conroller,
    VIA OHCI Complian IEEE 1394 Host Controller,
    Mouse, keyboard,
    plug/play monier not flat screen,
    VIA compatible fast ethernet ADAPTER,
    AC'97 Audio,
    6 usb ports,

    thanks could you please find any problems from this?

    monkeykler.co.uk :eek:)
  5. RobbieSan

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    I ran into this problem when I first tried installing UT2003.. the quick solution was to change the CD drive properties to PIO mode.. that allowed me to install the game but at a slower pace..

    in the long run I found that the via drivers I had installed (4.38) were the problem.. I was having trouble with my CDRW not getting through a full burn properly.. my machine was also running slower than it should.. going back to V4.33 solved all of these problems for me.. I recommend trying a different via driver set and hopefully that will help..
  6. Monkeykler

    Monkeykler Guest

    where can i get hold of these drivers mate?

    all help apreciative

  7. Monkeykler

    Monkeykler Guest

    come on ppl cant any of you help?
  8. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
  9. chris

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    i assume these are bought versions of the game and not downloaded and burnt ones?