Why mechanics like women

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    New York
    The local radio station did a prank call that was very similar.
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    hehe, nice :D
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    All I can say, being an Auto Tech, is


    My worst true story is of a honest to goodness NASA scientist from the Ames Research Center here in the Bay Area. She was selling her car to a long time customer of ours. This scientist had a mid '80s Nissan Sentra and the customer that was interested in buying it brought it in for us to check it over.

    So we go through the checking and the asking of questions as to maintenance and such. I ask this scientist about the fluids and when they were last checked or replaced. I specifically ask if the Transmission had the fluid replaced or if she had ever needed to add fluid. She looks at me with a perplexed look on her face and says, "Fluid? It needs fluid?"

    I excused myself and walked to the back room and died of side splitting laughter.
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    Awful, I can't listen to this :p Too real for me, too funny
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    The best advice a new driver can benefit from is to read the owners manual.

    I will never understand the people that will shell out thousands of dollars for a car and not bother reading the owners manual and learning the basic workings other than just turning a key and putting gas in it!