Why is my HDD E:, my cdrom D:, and my ZIP C:??????????

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Tarak, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Tarak

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    I just installed XP Home, and when I looked in explorer my HDD is E:, now that's pretty strange cause I've only got 1 HDD.
    Any thoughts or reasons?:D
  2. stuy_b

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    Click on the start button on your taskbar, and find Administrator Tools. I fink its called that, but might be called somefing simillar. :)

    Then click on Disk Administration, and right click on each drive, you can then change driver letters.

  3. G-Money

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    Springfield Mo
    Ok here ya go..

    Start\Program Files\ Administrative Tools\Computer Management

    Under Storage click on Disk Management.

    Right click on a drive and select change drive letter.

    You will need to change whatever c drive is first. Change it too Z, Y,K.... something like that (just to get it out of the way for now). Then you can change your Hard drive to C , then change the other drive to whatever letter you like......

  4. relder

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    Can't change the drive you are booted to in Disk Management. Won't let you.

    Even if you could, there are very specific registry settings that reference the boot paritition (system root) by drive letter. XP won't boot unless every one of these are changed, too.

    For some reason, XP looks at ZIP and JAZ drives as removeable hard drives and assigns them the C: designation. Unplugging the ZIP drive and doing a clean install of XP is the only way that I know of to correct this. Once XP is installed. Plug the ZIP back in.
  5. G-Money

    G-Money Big Air

    Springfield Mo
    Try this... format and re-install . Dont have you zip and jazz connected to he putter...

    After you install Win XP and have everything going, then hook them up....... They shouldnt change the drive letter.

    On my zip drive, the install software lets me pick the drive letter.
    Look for updated drivers......

    Also..... if E is what XP thinks is your boot drive, then you must have installed it that way some how !!! You think ????