why is my cpu so slow

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Boris, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. Boris

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    I have a athlon 600 Mhz and asus k7 mb and its performing like sh.. When i try to start e.g. word it takes 15 sec to start the programm. How can i check the performance of my cpu. I dont mean the usage, i simply mean the speed. I checked already the taskmgm for usage, seems to be ok, but when i load a programm i can see how slowly the ram will be filled. btw. I ugraded from w98se.

    Thanks for your help

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    Give us some more specs. How much ram? What processes running, etc.
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    Troubleshooting an upgrade installation can, potentially, give you many hours of grief. My suggestion is to backup what you don't want to lose, format the drive, and go with a clean installation. If you have the upgrade version of XP you'll need your 98 installation disk handy to 'show' setup.

    I'm taking for granted the the processor is set correctly in your bios.
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    Upgrading sucks its always better to do a clean install ,,,,,,,,
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    A.) You don't have enough RAM and everything is loading into the page file.

    B.) You set the bus speed really low in the BIOS.
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    Also, you might try a clean install of XP, upgrading causes you more time and effort that a clean install will to begin with.
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    I understand

    As i have learned from your replies - thanks to all of you for the quick help - i better do a clean install than an upgrade. Okay , i have allready spent so much time with this problem that i probably better stop with searching for the bug. With Sandra I already checked the cpu speed. You could compare it to a 133 mmx, checked it also in dos, there i had the 515 Mhz. So its probably an upgrade problem.
  8. Boris

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    but i still have some hopes

    on the other side, i am scared of a install, because i know it will also take a long time and i stillhope that someone has got the right hint for me.

    Ok, before my upgrade i also had the feeling that my pc was very slow. with xp things were worse.

    I checked the pc with sandra and saw that the cpu has currently the cpu-power of a P133 mmx. When i benchmark in dos, it shows me a 516 Mhz, working with frontside-bus 100 Mhz

    these ar emy current specs.

    Athlon 600 MHz
    Asus K7M
    Matrox Millenium
    358 MB ram
    2 netzworkcards 1- for a p2p_network and 1 for a dslconnection
    (with ICS)

    I already removed all the cards, except the matrox, but still had the same speed.

    regarding the taskmanger, it show normal usage of the cpu and no special tasks or services.

    what informations do u need else?

    Thanks for your help
  9. Boris

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    Sndra performance tune up wizard results

    here is part 1 of the perfromance check
  10. Boris

    Boris Guest

    sabdra part 2

    part 2
  11. Boris

    Boris Guest

    part 3

    part 3
  12. koko

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    i'll bet you have several probs...

    first, you probably have tons of other apps running in the background - go to your start menu and remove unnecessary apps.

    second, you probably haven't formatted your drive in a while, right? maybe it's time to back up what u want to keep and format that baby!

    thirdly, how much ram do u have? adding ram is cheap and will do wonders to your system's speed, with regard to opening and running apps.

    lastly, look into upgrading your mobo and chip. it's not that expensive to upgrade to a 1ghz system and you'll double your speed!
  13. Boris

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    my problems

    a few apps are running, but nothing which shouldnt be so cpu - consuming

    formatted the disk two months ago

    ram is 356 mb - should be sufficent

    the cpu is not doing the performance it should be doing, as my benchmarks in sandra show. with another mobo and cpu, how will i be sure, that the new cpu will do 1 GHz if the current 600 Mhz is only performing in xp like a 133 mmx.

    i think, that one problem could be the network-cards, one is realtek and the other one is an allied telesyn AT2400Bt (for the dsl connection). But the telesyn is not shown properly in the hardware maager, the driver is also a realtek driver. Could this be the source for my trouble ?