Why does this happen?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by aquilla001, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. aquilla001

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    okay folks, i'm confused as to why the following occurs (see jpg)


    I had this open, I then switched to another window, when I clicked on it's button in the taskbar it was no where to be seen. I had to right click on program bar in the taskbar and select 'move' to then bring it back in to the main area before expanding it.

    Could someone please tell me why this happens.

    PS, I've only ever seen it happen in XP and it happens regularly.

  2. Akash

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    had that happen with me in nero

    you've not assigned any short cut keys or anything have ya? to minimise it or something

    yeah its weird but not annoying for me as it happens rarely
  3. Alan

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    Hi aquilla001,

    Are you running any minimize all on one click type of programe?

    If so try disabling it ;)

    I have a HideOE programe that if launched before opening O.E. will cause the same problem.

    Hope this helps you

  4. aquilla001

    aquilla001 Guest

    Alan, nope not using any "minimize all" programs. My mouse is a logitech wheel mouse with thumb button and that is assigned to "minimize the current window".