Why Do Women Change And Don’t Expect A Man To Cheat?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by zoemoney, Feb 14, 2006.

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    Happy v-day to all. Look at prime example. A teenage couple walking hand in hand in a dark park. A mugger jumps out to rob them. Now who will defend who? Of course the man will defend his woman. This same couple survies is ordeal gets married stays together for 40 years. Same situation pops up in a park and same result. Men don’t change we do our jobs from day one to the end.

    Women on the other hand due to natures hand they say don’t. At 18 you got a freak at 25 a lover at 35-40 a old bag and over 50 worthless. This not a joke look around. I mean men hardly change. I mean we even came up with viagra so we can still act young. Women just give up then wonders why did he cheat on me with that young girl. Someone explain to me? :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless: :speechless:
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    Sorry didnt know that caps was screaming. well i'm not
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    If your woman still isn't freaky at 25 or above you better check what you are working with.

    But it comes down to the fact the peopel lose respect and (****gin keyboard) the desire to please one another. The man spends less time doing the things the woman likes, dancing, making out, talking, etc... The woman does less that what the man wants, bow wow chika bow wow. So he does less, then she does less, etc....

    A downward spiral.

    Do more for your lover-wife-freak and watch what happens. I may have only been married a couple mounths, but I have been in enough relationships and had enough trim hanging around that I speak the truth. Wanna ask my wife?
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    Sex is the only solution. and chocolate.

    and for f*&ksake LISTEN to them. Then it's all gravy, they even encourage you to do what you want (play online every once and awhile) if you've satisfied her needs for the day.

    Keep in mind, new day = pressing the reset button. more snuggling, making out, SEX and chocolate. More listening.

    Rinse, Repeat as neccessary.

    Happy Valentines everyone. :)
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    Ya know, some women spend enough time in the bathroom, putting on their makeup, fussing with their hair for 45 minutes, and whatever else, I'm not sure if I'd say the prob is they don't do enough to keep themself looking young. Contrast this to the amount of time a guy spends in the bathroom every morning :D

    These are some of the things I wonder however:

    * Why is it that some women seem to fall in love with a guy for x, y, and z. And yet after they're married, x, y, and z can be the very things that annoys her. All of a suddent the thing one's fallen in love with becomes the very thing they detest and can be a source for many arguments? :eek:

    * If the whole idea, is loving the man one thinks they can mold someone into, rather then the person they are, what's the point? People aren't pieces of clay or marble, to be molded and chissled in someone elses image of who one should be. How about a little honesty on whether they really love the person before them, or if their only love is for some ideal they've built up in mind, which might have no part with the reality of the other person? Expecting that another must change, or that one has the right to force others to become their own fantasy of what they should be, is rather unreasonable, IMO...

    Throw in here, the number of times, one who has left an x, or as unfortunate as it is, has lost a long lost spouse, but then expects this new person be be the perfect replacement for the lost love... All of a sudden, one can be compared to so and so, with a why don't you be more like so and so, rather then an acceptance for who the person is. Now, if a lost love is lost due to death or something of the sort, that's sad and unfortunate, but trying to turn someone into their late husband isn't the answer. Taking the time, to grieve and to come to grips with one's loss, and then not rushing in until one is ready for a relationship with another person could be so much better in the end.

    * How about the analogy, that when it comes to money or things, many can view things as there is mine, and there is ours, but there is no yours. If sacrifices are to be made, or one is to do without, it's always the thing you want, but never the thing I want.

    As some people have joked, with many a wife, if it's something I want, it's mine, if it's something we need it's ours, but if it's something you want it's frivalous spending :D All of this can also come to, "we agreed upon", when no mutual agreement might actually have been made.

    * Or how about this one?

    wife: You don't love me

    husband: What?

    wife: What am I thinking right now?

    husband: Umm, I don't know? Why don't you tell me.

    wife: You don't love me, or you'd just know what I'm thinking every minute of the day.

    husband: I'm sorry, I'm not psychic.

    wife: Don't give me that, you don't love me, or you would be able to read my mind.

    :eek: This can be right up there with the people who call tech support, expecting that because "you are the expert in computers", you must know exactly what is wrong with their machine despite having not seen the thing, and having no idea what they are actually looking at on their monitor. It's further expected, that without them having to say a word to help diagnose the problem, someone on the phone over 2,000 miles away should be able to work some voodoo, and make it miraciously work with no info provided. I suppose a crystal ball and a magic wand could be tools of the trade for some :laugh: And yet in another sense, it can be worse, as it isn't some stranger at the other end of the line, but rather a spouse one is living with...

    I've had some people say, "yeah, my wife tries to argue that if we love each other, we should "be on the same wave length" and hence know each other's thoughts at all times. I try to explain that I'm not psychic and if something is bothering her, I can't help unless she explains it to me. But it does no good. I usually have to wait till she calms down, and then explain to her 'I'm sorry, but I'm not psychic. And what you're asking here is kinda impossible' If something's bothering you, I can't really be expected to just know your thoughts, without so much as a word given."

    Through in arguments about how one squeezes a tube of tooth paste, and some other such reasons people can end up in a divorce and UGH!!! I hope to gawd, I could find someone, where I wouldn't have to go through all of this :eek:
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    There's a book called The Five Love Languages. I suggest that anyone in a relationship read it -- it answers a TON of questions.

    I'm not one to post a "suggested reading list" for any given topic, but this one I'm pretty serious about. The book has a cheesy cover and title, but it's awesome.

    Son Goku -- I'd like to respond to some of what you posted, but I don't have time right now. Sorry. :)
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    I could also ask the question "Why Do Men Change And Don’t Expect A Woman To Cheat?"

    People cheat for one reason and one reason alone.........They don't care about anyone and think only of themselves.
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    Houston, Texas
    lol good stuff in this thread.. And i might add that its impossible to argue with marge (not that i want to ) with that sig.....
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    Re: Why Do Women Change And Don’t Expect A Man To Cheat?

    SO TRUE!

    Happy VD!
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    Thing is, people do change over time, as it's a natural part of life. The person who doesn't change, would be the person who is dead... And yet, as far as I'm concerned, this change should be directed from within, not dictated by the demands of others, from without. Everyone has free will, and the free will of others, should be respected, as one would like their own free will respected as well. Part of free will, is the right to decide who one wants to be, and to discover this/follow their own path in life, without having to capitulate to the whims or demands, that some might chose to impose upon them. I really don't see it as valid, for one person to make the unilateral decision, and then walk up to another saying "you will be, what I say you will be" :eek:

    I think part of the problem is also that people can end up growing up, with the certain sense that if they throw a temper tantrum, pout hard enough, or act in a geniunely rotten way, people will just give in and give them there way. It's when people for instance grow up, and the sorta things in these vids (for instance) goes on, and then people grow up having gotten away with it, that some of these problems can result...


    The first link, the kid resorts to colorful language to say the least. I'm not sure how the mods will view that one...

    These two vids go to show exactly where this sorta thing can come from though; and what's worse is that many grow up, "getting away with it", and learning that they can manipulate people in such manner. It's something I've seen time and again, from that crappy neighbor who flips out and throws such a routine because I've flushed the toilet, to people online who, well...

    A friend was rushing me in Diablo II for instance. Rush over, when this one person joins, and keeps spamming

    ad nausium. We both tell him the rush is over, and he keeps spamming and insits that we will rush him now, whether we want to or not. My friend tells him no, and he keeps pushing. Before long, this guy is going hostile, like he could PK someone about 5x his level :laugh: Starts yelling and cursing, at which this same friend tells him "this is no way to get anyone to do something for you..." He gets more beligerant. This friend finally leaves, and messages me to appologize for having left so soon, but he really just didn't want to hear it from this guy anymore. The person is all bent outa shape cause we won't make the monsters respawn in the game, and then rush him through to act 5.

    Other people join, and at this point I was sick of it myself, albeit a bit more patient, well largely I needed to un-equip my chars to get some base stat info, with which I could figure out final stat point allocations. I coulda been arsed to start unequiping my guy again latter. The other people take one look, get the point, "oh well", and all leave for other games. But not him :eek:

    Finally I tell him that nothing will occur in this game, they're all dead, and none of this will change that fact. I'm tired of it, and will give him the BRX. If he wants to get rushed, he's advised to find himself another game, but I will listen no more... Only then, does he finally leave...

    By the time one has entered the adult world, they shoulda learned that this isn't the way things always work, and not everyone is willing to allow themself to be controlled in this manner. Unfortunately some people never seem to get it, and continue as such, thinking it worked in childhood, it should work latter on also...

    There just comes a point, where calmly, but firmly, one needs to make it clear in no uncertain terms; I shall not be moved... You want to act better, ask more politely, whatever, I'll consider it. But I will not be moved by this. It's a lesson, IMO, many people should have learned as children... In the end, regardless of some people's beliefs, they really don't have the power to control others through such behaviour, unless the people they're attempting it with, capitulate, and allow them to do so... It's a fallacy which can lead some to believe they have both the right, and the means to manipluate, control, or forceably change, whoever they might chose...
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    Words to live by, everyone should takes notes :p

    I had an AWESOME valentines day ;)
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    LOL agreed VenomXt. I am frightened for that lady bug. (see bottom left of that pic)