who will run in 2008? *safe...no ranting*

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Perris Calderon, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Perris Calderon

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    ha...a couple of great posts on that other thread got me to wondering who's going to be running for which ticket?

    I couldn't believe the Dem's would actually try to run Hilary, but I guess some here thinks they will Field her as the candidate.

    I doubt it

    as far as the repubs, to me they will run jeb to continue the reign.

    if repubs run jeb, I think McCain will feel disenfranchised, and will run for the Dem's

    what are your thoughts?
  2. Steevo

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    *smartazz comment below*

    I hope to still be running in 08' and hope for teh support of the people I know.
  3. ElementalDragon

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    *comment out of shear boredom*

    i'm betting that one will be George Bush again, but he will change his name to Goorge Boosh, thinking that nobody will know it is him.
  4. Tuffgong4

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    McCain might get another shot for the GOP but I doubt Jeb would get the call since the GOP might want a fresh name to throw out there. Also I think that if we were speaking about 2012 or 2016 we might be mentioning Barack Obama for the Dems. He has gained tons of support in the Democratic Party and I don't see that fading
  5. leedogg

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    It will be Hillary vs Arnold. guess whos gonna get terminated? :p

    I'd vote for Arny. Terrorists around the globe would think twice before messing with the US ;)
  6. Ferral_Imp

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    Arnie can't run for pres cuz he wasn't born in the US and last I heard you had to be born in The US and 35 years old(I think that's the right age) to run for president.

    As for who'd be running in 2008, all I gotta say is please let them have a brain and personal political platform. Or at least let them realize that mudchucking is not a proper campaign tactic. :(
  7. muzikool

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    Democrat: Hillary Clinton or John Edwards
    Republican: Bill Frist or Rudy Guliani
    Could go either way: Zell Miller ;)

    These are my predictions. I'll be sure to check back here in 2008 to see if I was close. :p
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