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    First post after reading and learning for 3 days. OK so here is what I am running.

    Win XP Home SP2.
    Verizon V3c loaded with GATW_01.OF.03
    RSD Lite 1.9.1
    Mobile Phone Tools 3.25
    Drivers from this site.

    I am still learning so I am not sure what I have to contribute just yet. I am able to access the file structure of my phone w/P2k. I can now add/remove files from phone. So far I have added an animated gif and some static jpegs, and pulled a few full resolution pics that I took with the phone’s camera.

    My challenge now is mp3 ring tones. I have placed a file in the same folder as all the other ring tones but it is not showing up in the phone. The file a 30 sec long 24khz mono encoded mp3 that is smaller in kb than the preloaded Verizon mp3 ring tones.

    Please help a rookie out and let me know what I need to do to make it work so I can load my own ring tones without spending air time or money.

  2. hantipala

    hantipala OSNN One Post Wonder

    I looked around and was able to figure it out on my own, I guess if one looks long enough you can find just about everything.

    Here is the solution. Look for the file named MyToneDB.db in your phones file list save a copy of it first and then delete the file from your phone. Restart your phone and then your the rings your put on your phone will work.