Which one is better?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jileiwin, Aug 20, 2003.

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    there'res o many free personal firewall,zonealarm,sygate personal firewall and kerio personal firewall.but which one is better for home user?
    i have used zonealarm and sygate,i think sygate is better than zonealarm,but what about kerio?
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    Kerio is one of the lightest on resource requirements, and it does it's job well.
    v4 which is at RC3, as Enyo pointed out, also has the ability to block ads/popups, and filter your cookies, but that can always be turned off if you don't need it. That's what I like about Kerio - it's modularity - you can turn off what you don't need, and tune it to your requirements.
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    Thanks Enyo!i had tried the kerio 4 rc ,i don't like it.because it runs slowly on my computer and i just want to define my own rules not anti-popups and cookies. the kerio 2.1.5 is so good, simple rule based solution,that is what i am looking for.but the question is there're so many rules i should define,would u plz to tell me how to stop sb ping me but allow i to ping others?if it is possible ,please teach me some useful predefine rules,thanks again!