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    hi all
    I am looking for opinions on this matter.
    I own a small business ( 8 pcs ) that currently is peer to peer using xp, me and win 98. I feel the time has come to implement a server and I am wondering whether win2000 or novell Small Bus Suite 6.1 would be the best bet. We use cad-cam mostly.Our office uses offfice 2000 for word processing/spreadsheet/email etc. However I getting tired of hacks and virus usually directed at/with microsoft products. I am wondering if novell would avoid some of this. Any ideas or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated as well as server recommendations.

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    Then I have a warm recommendation for you. Linux. Just install a distribution of your choice (I recommend Mandrake since it's easy to use for "Linux newbies") on the machine you want as server. This server can then be set up to do pretty much whatever you want:
    - File server for the CAD files and all other document. This is done with Samba.
    - Mail server to store the mail.
    - Internet gateway if you want a shared Internet connection.
    - DHCP server to manage the IP:s on the network.

    And so on, I could go on for hours. Linux is safer and more stable than MS servers AND it's free (unless you want phone support). There are companies who will sell you off-the-shelf servers with linux with functions you can specify if you don't want to build your own.