Which Linux best for NTFS (XP)

Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by gregzeng, Apr 8, 2003.

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    I'm choosing between Xandros, Mandrake, Red-hat or Suse, in that order. Which works best with my NTFS 120 GB hard disk?

    I intend to also run XP-HOME on a partition, and set the drive as mentioned in:

    My proposed setup is:

    1. 8 GB boot-up partition, to be replaced as required from the Archived-Partitions, which has complete versions of the all operating systems.

    2. 2 GB of "virtual memory" partition

    3. 20 GB of DATA

    4. 20 GB of program files (Windows)

    5. 20 + 20 GB of archives, including the "Archived-Partitions" mentioned in 1. above.

    6. The rest to have room for editing DVDs, etc.

    On each Windows partition, there is also a small "virtual memory" file as well. It speeds things up - I think, since its quicker to rename a file on the same partition, rather than "move" (copy & delete) it to another partition.

    Any comments welcome.
  2. G-Money

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    From your list of OS's I have only used Mandrake 9.1 and it works with NTFS out of the box (read only).

    Your ntfs drives will be under the mnt folder !!

    If you want to use something other then Mandrake, try this on one of them !!

    <This will only work if you have GRUB for a boot loader>
    ---<There is a way to do it with LILO, but it's harder>---

    Find your kernel version.
    Open terminal:
    uname -r
    (It should look like this <Kernel 2.4.18-18.8.0> this is the new version)

    Go to this site:

    Download the rpm you need (Specified by Kernel version and processor).

    Double click on the rpm (after downloaded).

    Go to the terminal (as root):
    modprobe ntfs
    mkdir /mnt/windows
    mount /dev/hdXY /mnt/windows -t ntfs -r
    ---<where X stands for letter, Y stands for number>---
    cd /mnt/windows

    HOPE THIS HELPS ... :cool:

    PS.. RedHat 9 is out. You can get it here -----> ftp://kickstart.linux.ncsu.edu/pub/redhat/linux/9/en/iso/i386/
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    i think all would work equally well.

    i have personally used mandrake 9.0 and redhat 8.0. both worked fine with my xp pro machine.

    btw, g-money...anna kournikova is just like campbell's soup...

    mmm, mmm good. ;)
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    Yes they should all work the same. But as mentioned, some distros will require more configuring.
  5. Majin

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    redhat 9 reads AND WRITES to ntfs now