Which CPU cooler is better?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by isamuelson, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. isamuelson

    isamuelson Guest

    I'm not out to buy the best, top of the line CPU cooler or case (wife won't allow it).

    So, I've researched around and found two that I'm not sure of.

    I'm running an AMD Duron 1000 with NO overclocking and I don't plan to.

    One is the Thermaltake Volcano 7 for about $24. Many reviews have stated this is pretty good, but the drawback is mainly the clip and some don't like the variable speed fan that works based on your temperature. I myself like that idea.

    The other fan is the Antec Jet Cool Premium CPU cooler for Athlon and AMDs up to 1.5 Ghz. This is a little cheaper than the Volcano 7, but is it any better or about the same?

    Also, many of the reviews say that the thermal compound is better than using the pads. I myself don't plan on taking the fan off once it's on (except when it's time to replace).

    Also, my current fan/heatsink had a pad, so I know it's going to be sticky. How should I clean it off my Duron CPU? I don't want to damage it.

  2. stuy_b

    stuy_b Guest

    Definately volcano7.. :) ..you can get cheaper coolers than those.. and as your NOT overclocking you can save afew $.
  3. loppdawg69

    loppdawg69 Guest

    liquid nitrogen on a waterfall design dripping straight onto the processor...very quiet and very efficient.
  4. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    wot the ****???? more likely 2 freeze it!!!! not 2 mention really expensive+ i drip 2 much + u got a deep freeze cpu:eek: were u get this shit from?
  5. loppdawg69

    loppdawg69 Guest

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