Which ATI card???

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Unreal, Nov 18, 2003.

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    Im planning out on what I am buying for my new computer, which Im going to build next year.

    All my previous computers have used nVidia and they have been pretty good, but I want to try ATI this time.

    I have been looking at the ATI website at the 9600, 9700 and 9800 ranges and have no idea which one to buy as I have read that they are all good.

    I need a 4x AGP card with 128Mb of memory thats £110 or less.

    System will be:
    Creative® SLiX™ & Audigy™ 2 Package
    P4 HT 3.06GHz 533FSB
    2x 512Mb DDR200/266/333
    120Gb HD @ 7200RPM 8Mb

    So which ATI card would be the best?
  2. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    likely the only card to come near your budget will be the 9600pro...

    in the US it retails for around $140 in some places... not sure if the prices will correlate in england though...
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    u might as well decide what video card u want 'then', not now..
    cause if u buy an ati radeon 9600 then, there might be something else out that's a lot better...

    at least that's the way i look at it
    i guess u can look at the fact that by then, the price of a 9600 would be a lot lower
  4. coathanger007

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    NVidia and Ati are slugging each other to death. Be patient and the price of current models should fall dramatically in the near future.