Which 5.1 Speakers should I get

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jumpy, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. jumpy

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm thinking of buying a 5.1 speaker setup, a low end one perhaps.
    I'll be spending about $200 or US$110 or about 70gbp??.
    I'm looking at the altec lansing 251 setup or maybe the creative 5100 for A$171(US$95).

    does anyone have any of these setups, if so what are your opinions. does anyone reccommend any other ones? thanks in advance
  2. Krux

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    I have the creative setup sounds nice for movies, and games but music tends to get distorted anything over about 1/4 volume depending on where u have the bass knob at on the back of the sub @ 1/4 its pretty loud but not pounding in your chest loud. (how I like my music) for a 100 bucks you can't go wrong with the creative 5300
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  4. Nick M

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    That's awsome. Promedia 5.1s... lol too much but had to show anyway. BTW those Scorptec speakers, they are PMPO....

    On the other hand, these don't cost much and are really nice...


    thats about 130 bucks. I would go with those.

    Must say though, I had Creative 4.1s for a little while recently, they are pretty good, not too loud though, so I'm thinking if loudness isn't your thing, go with something by Creative ( as for the Logitec speakers, those up a LOT :) )
  5. Nick M

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  6. djwhite

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    Hercules XPS 510 sell for around $150-$170 in Australia. It's what I use and I get my fair share of noise complaints from the neighbours, hehe. Can't go wrong with these mate.
  7. jumpy

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    the cheapest i can find the logitec z560's out here is A$370 so a bit out of my price range but the hercules 510 look pretty good. I'm still keen on the creative 5100 for $170. Do you think it's worth spending an extra $60 getting the creative5300?

    ah well, have to save some of my money first...
  8. bhxtyrant

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    hey i got a question for you guys.why even buy a surround sound PC speaker set when if you already have a good surround sound reciever you can you hook your PC up to it?thats what i did very loud clear sound and 5 big @ss speakers what more could you want while watching dvd's/playing PC games.:)assuming everyone here has a surround sound reciever or any reciever for that matter will work
  9. bruce_ers00

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    I would totally recommend the Logitech Z-560. I guarantee they will be the last speaker set you purchase. You can probably find them anywhere for a LOT less than your finding them for. If you use eBay, that is definitely a place to start. I purchased mine there brand new for $99 USD. They are right at most budgets, sound great and even out perform those higher end models.

    Oh yea, the bass rocks! Wall shaking, deep, and the speakers NEVER distort. Regardless of the volume setting.

    Also, if you don't have a surround sound card, Logitech has implemented new technology called "M3D" which makes use of all four speakers via a standard, non surround sound card. :)
  10. jumpy

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    The z-560 is about $10 cheaper to buy on ebay for me at $360, but then there's shipping. We get a raw deal here in australia, everything comes here about 3 months after U.S :(
    Oh well there's got to be an downside to all the ups :)
    I could buy it in the U.S and ship it here for cheaper than aus price even with the bulkiness of it all. lol
  11. koko

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    Columbia, S.C.
    one word...klipsch! :D
  12. tens1on

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    I have the Altec Lansing 251 5.1 setup. I can't say I would recommend them if you want loud pounding bass. But for a measly $150 CDN or $99 USD they're problably the best 5.1's your gonna find for such a low price.

    I heard the logitech speakers are pretty good. Not sure which models though. z560's I think.

    The Klipsch speakers are top of the line stuff, but way over your budget at the same time. Personally I'm saving up to pick up these bad boys.
  13. Jz1397-5

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  14. krimson

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    I have the Logitech z-560's and I think they rock. Especially for the price, although there not 5.1 only 4.1 no center channel.
  15. bruce_ers00

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    No 5.1 is right for the Logitech Z-560s but, they have the deepest bass I have ever felt. They are spectacular!
  16. Zedric

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