where rename for GUEST? How?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by speedrayo, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. speedrayo

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    Gimme Tip. i did search...no luck :(
  2. Rootz

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    Click Start / Run
    Type 'control userpasswords2' (no quotes)
    Go to Advanced tab and click the Advanced button.
    The Users console opens.
    Click on the Users folder.
    There you see the Guest account (disabled by design).
    Right click the guest account and choose Rename.
    That's it.
  3. yoyo

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    If you should use Home Edition the procedure is a little bit different. In 'control userpasswords2' on the user tab first check 'Users must insert username and password'. Then the list of users below it will no longer be grayed out. Click on 'Guest', then on properties and change the name. Click OK. Back on the main window click 'apply', then untick the 'Users must insert...' box again. Click OK. In the window that pops up then also click OK, and done.