where have my files gone ????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ninja geezer, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. ninja geezer

    ninja geezer Guest

    help,,,,,, when i put things in my recycle bin they do not appear ? i have checked the settings and everything seems fine.
    the bin icon shows that the files are there but i cannot see them why not ??
    i have reinstalled xp from anther disc thinking maybe it might be corrupt but the same thing after a couple of days no files in the bin. i only found out when i binned a file by mistake and i went to get it back but it was not there.. please can anyone help
  2. Octopus

    Octopus Moderator

    right click on the bin and increase/decrease the maximum size there.when the bin reaches its max. limit,files are deleted automaticaly.
  3. ninja geezer

    ninja geezer Guest

    hi thanks for that have tried that but no go, even when the bin is empty if i put an emty folder in it it shows as being there on the icon but when i look there is nothing in it ??
    i think maybe a program or driver may be to blame ??:(
  4. geoand

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    I've got exactly the same problem as Ninja Geezer ie, "Recycle Bin doesn't show the files!" using XP Pro. In properties, it's not set to bypass recycle bin as suggested - there are files I've deleted inside the bin. If I select "Empty Recycle Bin" even though there's nothing visible within, the usual message of "Are you sure you want to delete these ?? items?" comes up.

    I recently installed 'Tweak-XP' hoping it might help, as under the 'System Folders + Folder Protection' setting there's options to show/hide the contents of various folders (Favorites; My Docs; Start Menu etc) but unfortunately, it doesn't mention Recycle Bin!

    Does anyone know of some setting to show the files contained here - it's stumped me! Thanks.
  5. Misfire

    Misfire OSNN Addict

    it seems to work fine for me. Sometimes the files are deleted permanently and they don't go into the recycle b1n:confused: ;)
  6. ninja geezer

    ninja geezer Guest

    right i have had a think about what i have installed latley that i have not had on before.
    i managed to run xp pro on the same install since last january untill i had a few problems rcently( the last few weeks).
    i think i have sorted the bin problem out. i reinstalled xp yesterday new format ect. but there are certain drivers and programs i have not put back in these are :COOLBITS, THE NEWEST SOUNBLASTER DRIVER PACKAGE,A SAMSUNG KEYBOARD DRIVER,NO ONLIVES FOREVER2 GAME.A NEW NETWORK CARD DRIVER. AND THE NEWEST VERSION OF WINDOW WASHER. i am pretty certain that one of those was responsible for the bin thing.
    but i had to put a new install of xp to put it right.
    hope this helps.
  7. geoand

    geoand Guest

    Window Washer sounds like a likely culprit!

    Hi there NG,

    I too have recently updated Window Washer to latest version - since it deletes the recycle bin contents in a wash, that could be causing the problem.

    I'm off to uninstall it, I don't want to reinstall XP - I'll use System Restore to get back to a good working system before I resort to such drastic measures.
  8. ninja geezer

    ninja geezer Guest

    i don't want to dissapoint you george but i tried the system restore and guess what it was no use !!
    hope you have better luck with it ? keep us informed.
  9. geoand

    geoand Guest

    FIXED IT!!

    Hi NG,

    I've fixed it! You got me thinking about Window Washer, I unticked the selection in WW v4.7 so that it didn't empty the Recycle Bin during a wash! It's back to normal now with Recycle Bin showing deleted files.

    Hope this solution is helpful to anybody else with this niggly problem. Maybe Webroot will fix this problem in their next update of Window Washer, if not, I can delete the Recycle Bin contents myself - it's hardly a difficult task. I wouldn't be without WW, it's a great prog for cleaning up behind you.

    Phew! Glad I didn't reinstall XP just for that!
  10. ninja geezer

    ninja geezer Guest

    glad i was able to point you in the right direction .