Where can I get Premodded Side Panels

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by a_scoundral, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. a_scoundral

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    Hey all - I am just getting around to modding my case. I had to replace my Antec case when my son got a hold of my Sharpie's. I bought a new Enermax FS-710BB. (I couldn't very well show up to the next LAN with a box that a 4yr. old colored; I would never be able to live it down)

    OK my delemia:
    Where can I find a side panel with a 'Big Window' already installed for my FS-710BB? I can't find one anywhere online, but I have to admit that my resources are limited to a few resellers and pricewatch. Any idea's? Has anyone else been able to get a premodded side panel for this same case?

    More useless info you don't really need:
    I would rather buy an additional side panel for LAN parties, and keep the original for everyday use. This way it doesn't get my son's attention again...;)
  2. Ace123

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    why didnt you just take the thing out into the garage and whip out the old buffer and buff out the sharpies ( i worked in a body shop. it can be done trust me)?
  3. a_scoundral

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    He colored all over the plastic front bezzel too...
  4. Nick M

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    * friendly bump *

    Where could you get premodded cases in general?
  5. Cyphre

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    You could try to find some stuff here:
    http://www.modthebox.com/ or
    You will probably have to do quite a bit of jumping from these sites, But if anybody knows the people that frequent these site will.

    Good luck :)
  6. aScoundral

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    Thanx, Cyphre. I was waiting for someone to take this thread seriously. I ended up getting a premodded side panel from http://www.directron.com

    They were awesome! I got my stuff in like 2 days, plus it was all packed nicely. I got a premodded side panel, an Appilaque, and a matching case badge for under 50 bux including shipping. Pretty sweet deal considering the side panel was so expensive everywhere else.

    Oh, my avatar is my case badge, appilaque, background, and so on. Gotta whole theme going on ;)
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    Never mind