Where can I get a good counter?

Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by ReC0iL, May 28, 2003.

  1. ReC0iL

    ReC0iL Guest

    Hey guys im looking for a counter for my website. I just need one with the numbers no graphics or anything. Oh yeah and it has to be free! hehe
  2. SPeedY_B

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  3. ReC0iL

    ReC0iL Guest

    Im using Brinkster as my host. Thx for the counter ;P
  4. ReC0iL

    ReC0iL Guest

    Do you guys know any counters where you can change their backgrounds? I want my counter to match my background if possible.
  5. thebear

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    Toronto, Canadia
    hotscripts.com is bound to have an amazing/free/customizable counter in PHP and Java flavours