where can I find XP drivers

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nonothing, Sep 10, 2002.

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    Can anyone tell me where to find XP drivers for a primax colorado usb scanner. I have been to the primax site and they say that they do not have a driver for XP, but to use the win 2000 driver, I tried that but XP will not load it.
    I am also having the same problem with a Nisis 6-channel sound card, the Nisis site provides drivers for XP but I still cant load them.

    AMD 1400 cpu
    Abit KT7 raid
    quantum fireball HD
    Nvidea GeForce2 mx video card
    cd rom
    Lite On cd/rw
    Nisis sound card
    windows XP pro
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    If primax don't have one & win2k does not work get back to primax & tell them. Unless it is a popular scanner I don't like your chances of finding an unofficial driver for it.
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