Whats the slowest CPU for win XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zoey, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. zoey

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    Whats the slowest CPU and RAM you have used on win XP and worked.

    I have an old P2 350 - 128mb Ram. My friends dad wanted to use it for word and excel, mabey surfing. So far it seems to be ok.
  2. JJB6486

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    Put another 128MB RAM in there and turn off a lot of the eye candy (classic theme with no animations and stuff) and it should be ok.

  3. Cosmin

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    Ram is important even in future ..
    Tested on : PIII800 - 128 Ram - worked fine .
  4. Khaled

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    working good on 1.2GHz, 256MB ram, with clear type on
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    yea. ive gotten xp to work on a 386 200mhz with 64 mem. lol. this is a REALLY old computer. just disable about everything like "eye candy" and about 75% of the services. go to http://www.blkviper.com and there is a bunch of info on windows 2k and xp services.
  6. I am running on my 3 year old 500 Mhz Celeron CPU and 256 MB SD Ram and it is running good. Just have to be careful about how many programs I have running. Two to three programs running at the same time is ok.

    I am considering buying a new computer next year. Money is a problem so I have to save.
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    Same as Jason Roberts...500 Mhz Celeron CPU and 256 MB SD Ram after the upgrade of ram....used to have 64mb ram and it still worked....just don't run too many proggies at once..lol

    Hey Jas you live up the road...I live in Rocky....CQ RULES!!!!!:p

  8. You live in Rockhampton?! :eek:
    I live 30 minutes away from Rocky. I visit the city every Wednesday and Thursday for TAFE studing IT.
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    Well, thats a strange coincidence..... :confused:
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    the power of the net!
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    working fine on a 5 year old 363mhz machine with 192mb ram here :)