What wrong with this hardware

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  1. 286 SDRAM
    Gigabyte Motherboard build in Soundcard
    Althon XP 1.1GHZ
    TNT2 Video card
    Primary Master -- 10GB Harddisk
    Primary Slave -- CDRW
    Secondary Master --20GB Harddisk
    Secondary Slave -- DVD ROM

    Here is the problem:
    When I start computer, It wont detect my CDRW ( Primary Slave). It actually work before.

    So far I had tested:
    1. unlug IDE Cable , power on Cdrw on
    Run prefect
    2.unlug power, IDE Cable On
    Run Prefect
    3.Change /Update BIOS
    someting happen wont detect CDRW
    4.Auto detect on Primary Slave ( power on and IDE cable in)
    sometimes it work! if lucky, now doesnt work anymore
    after POST, it show
    "" Pri Master HDD ERROR
    Press F1 o Resume
    Press F2 o Run Setup ""

    note: Last time it happen before, I changed IDE cable (New one), first doesnt work, so change the cable with secondary ,and then change it back. It work great, not until pass few days.

    Can someone tell me what wrong with my comupter???
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    I would recommend putting both hard drives on the same cable and both your cd drives on the same cable...

    just make sure you set the jumper settings so that your devices are set by the jumpers on their backs...

    another thing that might be a problem is one cable 1... your hdd might have a problem... but try the jumper settings first and go from there