What Windows editor can I use to edit unix files?

Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by DJ-phYre, Jul 3, 2008.

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    I know there are tons of software titles out there that do this, and I have used UltraEdit (we have ~100 licenses here at work).

    But the problem I am running into is within COBOL programs that I am editing sometimes the spacing/tabs do not translate correctly.

    Something that looks one way in a Windows editor will look completely different in unix vi/less/more.

    Are there any programs (or maybe even settings that I am missing in programs like UE) that will allow me to keep the encoding/formatting the same across the two platforms?

    Hopefully there is just some settings in UE that I can change and it makes my life easier :)

    -- When I open UNIX files in UE and it asks me if I want to convert it to DOS format, I have been clicking "No" -- I have clicked "Yes" before, but it didn't help this issue...

    Any suggestions?
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    most times you can use wordpad in windows and then use uinx2dos or dos2unix to convert the files