What upgrades?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by syllinx, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. syllinx

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    I have no cash now but just say I had 500.00 to spend. What should be the first upgrades for my system? Also is my picture to big?
  2. omgsoup

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    more ram, a better processor (check out powerleap) they might be able to hook you up for the low-low, an 80 GB WD caviar special edition with teh 8mb cache, those logictec 400W 4.1 surround sound speakers. any 2 of these +256 ram will most likely take $500. you can always go for dvd-rom/cd burner/dvd burner.
  3. syllinx

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    See i need to buy a 133 adapter card. I havent tried the maxtor one since my hd is maxtor but, when I tried the cheap 133 cards they detect the hardrive then when the Intel splash screen shows up it locks up. I tried it all I think like disabling the onboard ide controllers, etc. Even a new bios, any hint?
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    Welcome on board syllinx

    My big fave at the moment is RAM.. check out the thread

    my first post..., same forum.

    Similar line of enquiry.

    Also take a look at the site sponsors 'Crucial', banner at top of page, for RAM prices.

    You could probably hang on to the MOBO for a little while longer, but if you buy RAM try make sure you can transfer it to a new MOBO (i.e. buy new types of RAM and ditch the old stuff).

    With good graphics cards knocking around at very reasonable prices I'd think about that too.

  5. syllinx

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    Forgot to say thanks for the help.
    Well my motherboard is intel and for my model it says it only supports pc800 so I don't think I can buy faster ram, I'm just glad its faster than pc133.
  6. Taurus

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    your ram speed is fine... you just might wanna get another 256 or 512mb stick and throw it in. i saw noticeable improvements on Battlefield 1942 when i went from 256 to 768mb.

    your video card is fine. but i'm sure you could definitely benefit from a new processor. but being that it's a compaq, that board might only support up to a certain speed... if i were you, i'd try to find out what that is... and get that speed processor.

    those 2 are what i'd definitely get. if you think you need better speakers or another harddrive or something, that's up to you. it all depends on what your needs are. but i'm assuming you play games often, in which case more ram and a new processor would put a lot of life into your comp.
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    ^I agree...
  8. Nick M

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    I say get some more ram, 512, or as much as your PC and support. A faster processor would do good also.

    Your Graphics card is just fine; that should work great.

    I think more ram, a new processor and maybe; a bigger HDD would do fine.