What The Hell Does This Mean!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mremulator, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. mremulator

    mremulator Guest

    anybody have any ideas about the attached error msg?
  2. Bman

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    Ottawa, Ontario
    when did this happen, what were you doing ?
  3. mremulator

    mremulator Guest

    installed soundcard

    i get this everytime i install a soundcard and disable and uninstall my onboard sound im currently trying to use my hercules gametheatre but i get random reboots everrtime i put it in and yes i got latest bios and drivers blah blah
  4. Kw4ntuM

    Kw4ntuM Guest

    are u disabling the onboard through the bios or thru windows....

    here is what i had to do to get the audigy up in xp(hardest thing i've ever dun as far as an installation!)

    put card in...boot up...install drivers(2 drivers and about 6 patches...lol)....crashed

    repeat step 1 w/ different patches....stable....

    disable onboard sound in windows...crash

    so...here is what you do

    you setup all your drivers
    you go into your bios and under integrated peripherals ou disable ac97,
    then u make sure the pci ur SC is in is on and working.....

    try that..other then that i cant help you(i have 0 XP-erience points w/ hercules)
  5. mremulator

    mremulator Guest

    followed all them steps ,soundcard works fine sometimes for 1 hour sometimes 2 then i get random reboots
  6. allan

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    And if you want to disable future crash dumps (minidumps) you can go to System Properties - Advanced - Startup & Recovery Settings and set Write Debugging Information to NONE.