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    My radio woke me up this moring and i herd this song, and i fell in love with it. I cant find it anywhere becasue i dont know the name of it. This is a rock song that was playing on the rock station.... here are some lyrics

    If i had one mre day I would tell you everything

    I have been down this road, the answers are still the same

    .........I honestly belived in fate
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    I haven't the slightest idea what song that is. I tried to google some of the lyrics you provided and the closest thing I could find was "The Longer We're Apart" by Lucie Silvas. I've never heard of him, her, them so I don't know. Here is a link to the lyrics for that song.


    Let us know if this is it.
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    Alright i found it,

    It ended up to be Taproot - Birthday

    thats to menge over at neowin.net