What not to teach a parrot

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    heh a story of mine I wrote down; since this forum has a lot of bird jokes; I figured I would add one more :p

    I remember my friend Dave once had a talking parrot; and as a prank; while sleeping over at his house; I took the parrot before we went to the skatepark; but it in a room with a computer looping three sound files.

    -motherf8cker! mother****er!
    -****ing ****head
    -I want your ****ing head.

    Well; we came back; and we went down stairs; and then put to the room; he went to his; and I went to mine. Did the same thing the during the night; and woke up in the morning; and turned off the sound; the parrot was wake.

    As I was going down for breakfast; his grandparents came over. His grandma goes; and brings the parrot down; for she is the one who got him that bird.

    She lets it out of its cage; which was very large; the parrot files up and sits on the lamp shade; and begins to say :

    : Mother****er; mother****er; mother ****er; mother****er; mother****er. On and on an on. Everyone is looking at the bird in horror.

    It shuts up. The grandfather says something in French; then goes; " What in the world was that? " Then the parrot flies down;
    sits on it's cage; looks at the grandfather; and says

    " I want your ****ing **** "

    You can imagine what happened next.

    His brothers; him; and I all got in trouble
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    lol, thats a good one !!
  3. xexe. pretty funny. :) btw what happened to old short jokes ?