What kind of protection for City of Heroes?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by vuronev, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. vuronev

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    I'm looking to buy City of Heroes but I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of copy protection the game uses?

    With kids around, I always run the risk of my discs getting snatched and messed with, so before I plunk down a big chunk of change, I like to have a copy to play off of, especially if I am going to pay for a monthly subscription to play the darn thing, after paying for the discs.

    Anyone have it and know?

    And what's the process for signing up for the game? I've never played a mmog before.

  2. Electronic Punk

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    is it an online game like eve, or galaxies?
  3. Fenris

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    it takes like 2min to sign up....not the greatest of games was fun for a month but got old quick...u dont need cd in to play the game so just store in safe place and ur fine