what kind of art is this called and how to do . . ..(graphic design)

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  1. i used to design but stop for a while and i want to get back into it, but the thing i seen lately is this art but i dont know what it is called so i cant serach for a tutroral. so i was wondering if u guys knew what i is called or how to do it. the web site is (http://www.missionmedia.net/) and i was wondering how to do that guy in the upper left. thx
  2. waht is it called so i can learn it
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    u want to CREATE it...or cheat....
    creating it is mad ski11z

    cheating is taking a picture and pplying a white mask, or using a trace prog to get the shape and powerclipping anything u want(they did white...loL) into it for a fill
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    It's vector graphics, i.e. scalable graphic without a fixed resolution (you can zoom in forever without loosing quality). This kind of image can then be rendered onto a picture as seen on the site.

    One program that is used to create such digital art is Adobe Illustrator found at http://www.adobe.com/

    You can use an underlying picture when creating vector graphic, trace it manually and finally tweak it. This is not cheating (provided you have the rights to use the photo and/or permission to do so).
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    Can Macromedia Fireworks do that?

    I know JASC Paint Shop Pro can do vectors, but not the best in the world at it!
  7. im i think u can, cuz if i rmeember fireworks is like illustroator, but can i do that in Photoshop
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    no..i dont think PS duz vector gfx...try Corel tho...RAVE or even draw(i think) duz them quite well
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    The program used is the new Flash MX. It is leaner and meaner!