What is the BEST popup stopper?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jww13, May 27, 2002.

  1. jww13

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    I like Banner Zapper the best, but you gotta pay for it :/

    What's the best one? I want one that closes the popup before it opens the window, not just close it afterwards!
  2. w3bg33k!

    w3bg33k! Guest

    Proximitron is good.

    Roight now I use Popustopper Companion. Do a google for it.
  3. freightgod

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    Just for farts and giggles, why not check out the following posts:







    It's an annoyingly small button, but this forum also offers a SEARCH function here.

    Don't feel bad, nobody else uses it either!
  4. i use good old pop up killer :)
  5. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    The one that was on the front page a couple of weeks ago is the one I'm sticking with. Free Surfer. Ever so simple to use. No setting up, just install & it does its thing. Best of all, it's FREE. :D
  6. TuMbRaS

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    if you're using IE as your browser..i have had the absolute best luck with POPUP COP which can be found Here
    totally customizable..and it works on so much more than just pop ups...also lets you manage scripts..embedded audio/video, active x/java and like 5 billion different things..including a cache cleaner, source viewer - even with multiple panes... it totally rocks.and can be temporarily disabled for any given page..and it integrates very nicely into the IE toolbars section.. i use it exclusively when i surf with IE..

    check it out..it is worth the time..

    ~n:D :D
  7. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    Norton Internet Security does a good job for me. It has an ad blocking feature built in. :D
  8. madmatt

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    New York
  9. Armis36

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    If you want a very good, and "very" easy to use program, I use Pop-Up Stopper by Panicware, Inc. It's so easy to use, you can't get any simpler. And it works very well. Never had a complaint with it. You can get it at "www.panicware.com"...Oh! and it's free.
  10. J0sh

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  11. bigrahs

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  12. dadx2mj

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    Have to agree FreeSurfer has found a permant home on my computer. Like said above just install it and forget it.
  13. Phantom_24

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    I second Mozilla and Opera !!!

    Both latest version are :

    A. Free !!!!

    B. Stable !!!

    C. Customizable...(no pop-ups!!)

    D. Fast

    E. NOT owned by Bill "screw 'em till they pay me" Gates !!
  14. w3bg33k!

    w3bg33k! Guest

    Yes it can get easier! Try Popupstopper Companion! It kicks bum! =O)
  15. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    PopUp Stopper - Pro v2.0
  16. l0g0ut

    l0g0ut OSNN Addict

    try free adshield .... not only stops popup and advertising banner... it also REMOVES the space for the banner so that no awkward white space or images in place of the banner....
  17. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    Popup add Filter by meaya is awesome :)
  18. Armis36

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    OK, my bad. If you go to the "Panicware" site, you'll see that we are talking about the same program. I just neglected to put "Companion!" on it when I mentioned the program...but hey, we're both in agreement about the "It kicks bum!" part.
  19. surge

    surge OSNN Senior Addict


    i agree with you there I use the same one
    and havent had one single popup :D
    but at the end of the day all the popup stoppers do the same thing, its jsut personal prefence as to what one you like best
    and the cheapest of corse :D