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    · When Is Longhorn gonna Come out
    Late 2003. This date might change though

    · What do you know about this OS
    We dont know much at all. Only that it is gonna be the next Windows and its coming out late 2003.

    · Longhorn
    Windows XP successor: Windows.NET 1.0

    Longhorn Windows XP Successor
    Windows as a Service Win.NET x.x

    Blackcomb Windows XP / Longhorn Successor
    Windows as a Service Win.NET x.x

    · Will Blackcomb use .net's Software as a Service?
    Not much is known about blackcomb, but it is possible that Microsoft will charge monthly, for access to its Software as a Service OS. Blackcomb may be at stores like AOL CDs, for people to take home for free. Once installed, users can sign up for pay services and optional components. One example is Sharing Your Calender. For an extra $0.70/Month, you will be able to share your calender and tasks to your workgroup... These are some assumptions of what blackcomb ( Possibly Called Windows.NET ) will have, though they are not accepted by Microsoft.

    here are some other Code Names:

    · Asteroid
    Windows 2000 SP1

    · Babylon
    Host Integration Server 2000 (SNA Server)

    · Blackcomb
    NT 6.0, Windows.NET 2.0

    · Blizzard
    Business-oriented set of services for .NET My Services

    · Cairo
    Technology sets for Windows NT Later used as a 2000 beta 2 codename

    · Cayman
    NetMeeting 3.0

    · Chicago
    Windows 95

    · Chrome

    · Comet
    Networking tools for Windows 2000

    · Denali
    Active Server Platform

    · Diamond
    Systems Management Server after 2000

    · Emerald
    Systems Management Server "2000"

    · Europa
    New user interface of MSN Communities and Chat (Summer 2001)

    · Falcon
    Microsoft Message Queue Server

    · Fusion
    New technologies to avoid the "DLL hell".

    · Gemini
    New user interface of MSN Communities and Chat (post Europa)

    · Gibraltar
    IIS (Internet Information Server)

    · Gryphon
    Windows CE 2.0

    · Hydra
    Internet Terminal

    · Iris
    Developers-oriented set of services for .NET My Services

    · Jakarta
    Java for IE3.0

    · Janus
    Windows 2000 (64-bit version)

    · Jupiter
    Handheld PC Professional

    · Lightning
    .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)

    · Luna
    New User Interface for Windows XP

    · Mars
    MSN 6.0

    · Memphis
    Windows 98

    · Bob
    Windows Bob(cancelled) Project between Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 with fruity interface.

    · Merlin
    Pocket PC 2002

    · Millennium
    Windows Millennium Edition

    · Nashville
    Technology sets for Windows 95

    · Neptune
    formerly NT-based Consumer Windows (cancelled-- combined into Windows XP)

    · Odyssey
    formerly Windows NT 5.1 (cancelled-- combined into Windows XP)

    · Nile

    · Pegasus
    Windows CE 1.0

    · Platinum
    Exchange Server 2000

    · Plato
    OLAP Server

    · Quartz
    ActiveMovie (now called DirectShow)

    · Rainier
    Visual Studio 7.0

    · Rapier
    Windows CE 3.0

    · Shiloh
    SQL Server 8.0

    · Steelhead
    Routing and Remote Access Service

    · Stinger
    Smartphone 2002 OS

    · Tahoe
    SharePoint Portal Server

    · Talisker
    Windows CE 4.0

    · Talisman
    3D graphics & multimedia architecture

    · Tazz
    Microsoft Phone

    · Trident
    Dynamic HTML

    · Venus
    Cheap non-PC device

    · Watson
    Outlook 2001 for the Mac

    · WebBlade
    Windows .NET Server for web appliances

    · Whistler
    Windows XP (aka NT 5.1, merger of Neptune and Odyssey)

    · Wolfpack
    NT Server Clustering Technology

    · Yukon
    Upcoming SQL Server (SQL Server.NET)

    · Zeppelin
    Test for OLE

    · Liberty
    SQL Server 64 Bit Edition

    · Mantis
    Windows XP Embedded 5.1

    · Corona
    Windows Media Player 9

    · Freestyle
    Windows XP extentions for eHome media center

    · Mira
    Windows CE for eHome Smart Display Devices

    · Chainsaw
    Windows CE Platform Builder 3.0

    · Cedar
    Windows CE 3.0

    · Impala
    Windows NT Embedded 4.0

    · Hermes
    Windows CE for WebPhones

    · NT5
    Windows 2000 (Win2K, formerly NT 5.0)

    · Wyvern
    Windows CE for P/PC V1.2 (Color Palm-size PC)

    · Orion
    Windows CE for P/PC V1.1 (Chinese Palm-size PC)

    · Apollo
    Windows CE for A/PC V1 (Auto PC)

    · Mercury
    Windows CE for H/PC V2 (Handheld PC)

    · Birch
    Embedded Toolkit 2.11 and 2.12 (Birch Enhancement Pack) Platform Builder for Windows CE 2.11 and 2.12.

    · Axe
    Embedded Toolkit 2.0 and 2.1 (Axe Enhancement Pack) Platform Builder for Windows CE 2.0 and 2.1.

    · Alder
    Windows CE 2.0 and 2.1 (Alder Enhancement Pack)

    · Detroit
    Windows 95 successor (cancelled)

    · Daytona
    Windows NT 3.5

    · Snowball
    Windows for Workgroups 3.11

    · Janus
    Windows for Workgroups 3.1

    · Macallan
    Windows CE .NET successor

    · Jameson
    Windows CE .NET update, includes IPv6, SMS, MS Office viewers

    · Bobcat
    Back Office Server 2003

    · Vault
    Prototype safe version of the C programming language, with features to record and enforce usage rules associated with interfaces

    · Whidbet
    .Net Framework 2.0

    · Everett
    .Net Framework 1.1
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    Thanks for all that info!
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