What is DMR?

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    the other day i downloaded some music form yahoo music engine and then i tried to burn it to a disc and it pop up a message saying "DMR Checking Failed, Not Enough Burining Licesnes Avaliable". what is taht mean?

    thx in advance
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    Its DRM - Digital Rights Management

    And according to Yahoos agreement:


    [Burning Music to CDs] One issue with subscription music is that you can't burn it to CDs. This is part of the digital rights management (DRM) restrictions mentioned above. It's not hard to see why this is: there has to be a way to prevent the music from being copied and illegally traded. However, a lot of people really like to own music they can burn to CDs, and we totally get that. So, we made buying retail downloads less expensive when you have a Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription. If you have a song or album you really want to burn to CD, you can buy it with burn rights at generally a 20% discount over most other online retail prices. You purchase those songs separately from your monthly subscription dues, and they do not expire if you end your monthly subscription.

    Chances are you just bought the wrong one.
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    ahh. thx