What is a parallel port drive?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ReC0iL, Jun 28, 2002.

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    I bought a software to burn cd's..... It's called Burn & Go Gold... by iomega. It says that it doesn't support parallel port drives. I can't get it to work... I have a Toshiba CD-R/CD-RW DVD-ROM Combo..... Whats the problem!!???? :confused:
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    A circuit composed of the data register, the status register and the control register. The heart of the parallel port is the data register. The control register manages the behavior of the port and sets the conditions under which new characters are requested from the CPU. An example being the control register is typically set up to generate an interrupt when ever the printer is ready to accept another character. The status register is read to determine the printer's current status.
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    Yes I did install an Internal drive.... The Toshiba CD-R/RW DVD-ROM COMBO...... SD-R1202... Thats not on the supported drives list.... WHY NOT?! Thats sooo dumb... This was my first burner and everything :(