what is a good tool for cleaning my reg.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by osumarc, Mar 8, 2002.

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    that is free?
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    i wouldn't bother if i was you, i tried one and icons where goin missin, luckily enough system restore saved the day, but it could cause seriouser problems.

    If you do, back up and keep your back ups for a few weeks until you know for sure everythin is ok, you may think everythin is ok then you come to do something and a icon etc is missing.

    My LAN connection icon was getting deleted with mine, so i couldn't switch my XP firewall on and off etc.

    i used WinCleaner 2000, but wouldn't bother with the likes again

    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Reg Cleaners

    In my experience no one cleaner seems to do the trick. I use 3 different ones and the combination seems to be able to find and delete most old registry junk. I use:
    Adreg Clean, Registry Healer, RegVac. I also use the reg cleaner included with system mechanic. Remember as stated in the other post backup everything first and keep the deleted reg key (backups the prg's make) for at least 2 weeks. Also if a program asks you to delete a key and you are not sure what is dose or is for LEAVE IT -- it's always best to air on the side of caution. A regular cleaning of the registry will keep the junk to a minimum.
    Hope this helps - have a good week-end.
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    Combo to go please lol

    Yes its a combo of things that do the trick

    1=cleancenter remove old junk files
    2=system mechanic old junk files and then the reg clean
    4=reg compressor4pro to compact and then backup the reg

    I do this in that order and always make backups and leave them on the harddrive for at least 10 days....... you will be suprised at the size of your reg after you have done this its a joke example download a zip open it you like it you keep the file delete the zip sounds ok eh yeah well that just added a line to your reg and they all build up and this is on XPpro and I know it was the same on win98 I remove invalid entires almost daily and I tell you when you shrink the reg it sure as hell shows but you must use common sence and read the entries and be curious about whats there .....but I find it unreal at the amout of invalid crap our reg's build up :mad:
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    i've been using jv16 power tools , and am pretty impressed with it ...seems pretty thorough and gives you plenty of control over what goes and what doesn't .

    after that i use erunt to compact and optimize it .
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    I got this great prog, call RegVac I use it all of the time and never had any problems with it. It is made by the same company that makes WinRescue. I will be glad to up it to ya.
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    JV16 Power Tools

    I used his regcleaner for a while....the new power tools are great. I love the duplicate file finder...and well...I have plenty of files that are the same..it helps to to save HD space. There's some nice utilities built into that thing....I'd say use them..

    I believe it's www.jv16.org
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    Has anyone even used RegVac ?
  10. Shamus MacNoob

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    Gonna look at that

    Regvac eh I will take a look at it never tried it yet I got alot of progy's that work great but always like to look at new stuff gonna try and find that now :D
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    I am impressed

    Thanks for the plug on regvac I use a few reg cleaners and thought overall my reg would be on the trim and clean but I ran regvac and wow 515 entries LOLOL ok I am sold regvac just earned a #1 status on this machine ;)
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    Just be careful what you clear...
  13. Shamus MacNoob

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    Oh yes

    Always and of course when you clear make backup's in case but I never thought that I would find as many as 515 not after all the stuff I use already , but sure as hell was 515 invalid entries and there were 3 that I skipped over but like I had said a few posts back always read carefully and make backups and if your not 100% sure then dont touch and leave it be :cool:
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    You got it :D

    I keep backups for around a month...
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    Any idea where I can get that regvac everybody is talking about?

    Does Norton system utilities do the same thing?

    What files should I backup before running it?

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    Got a place to up it to?