What ddr system memory can do for 3dmark bench!

Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by ikester7579, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. ikester7579

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    Just in case anyone is interested. When I changed boards and went from sdram 133mhz x 2=266 fsb to a ddr 2100 with 266 fsb with everything else the same, nothing changed but the mobo. My 3dmark 2001 se with patch jumped 1000 points! This is with no overclocks. my score went from 7400 to 8400!

    My system:
    cpu: athalon 1.4 gig 266 fsb
    memory: ddr 2100 512megs
    graphics card: ati 8500 128ddr
    system :windows xp
    hard drive 40 gig western dig.
    mobo: went from a Aazza sdram to a Epox ddr
  2. Hadel

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    Always wondered if there would be a great deal of difference but never tried it, went from a p3 1000 to a p4 2000a and the difference was only 400 with 133mhz memory, havn't tried it yet with my ddr memory.
  3. ikester7579

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    I see you have an epox mobo also. Mine is the same number and chip set except there's a + on the end. Not sure what the difference is with or without the +. But according to the person I bought it from, the mobo will not handle more than 1.4 gig speed. and does not support athalon xp. But I see you have a 1.8 gig xp in yours. I updated mine to the latest bios. When I turn my cpu above 1.4 it's starts acting funny and sometimes i get a blue screen. Any suggestion? Would like to use a faster cpu.:confused: