What capture card should I get?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Comptech, Feb 6, 2003.

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    I have a JVC anolog camcoder with s-video and rca out. Want to transfer some tapes to my HD, then Cd burner. Must support video not just single frame capture and would like it to be USB2 or Firewire. Oh yea, and somewhere close to $100 US.
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    hmm, doesn't your geforce come with a video/svideo in/out? This can be used as a capture card... if not head down to www.pricewatch.com and get a card that will suit the job.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Comptech

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    It has s-video alright, but unfortunatly the s-video is only a output, not a input. And as posted around $100 us. Last time I checked a radeon 9700 pro all in wonder was about $450. Would like to keep the graphics of the 4600 instead of dropping down to a card like the ati7500 all in wonder or similar for that price range. I can use a pci card, but case is getting a little cramped!
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    they have radeon AIW 8500 cards.. the IQ is on par/better than the 4600 with a loss in frame rate but still a decent solution...

    the card is AGP... can buy one starting around 170-180 bucks upwards...
  5. Heeter

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    That is what I use for my video Conferencing on Messenger and Video Capture, My AIW Rage Fury Pro 64meg. It is old but it works like an absolute charm. 4X AGP supported, Even overclocked it with Powerstrip. I got a Sony analog handicam, way, way, way better than a webcam with this setup. Import to MovieMaker directly, Take and send pics on Messenger on the fly. All this for $60 or so.