What are you really like?

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    Very funny!
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    You are Brown Koala who does not try to make yourself look grand.
    You are naturally good natured, and although you tend to be bit aloof from the world, you have warmness that attracts people.
    You are a person of integrity.
    People think you as someone who is always by their side.
    You give an impression of someone easy to get on with.
    You have grace and intelligence, and there's something about you that makes other people admire you.
    You have a very sensitive personality.
    You may have cried your eyes out by watching an emotional film.
    Your sensitiveness makes you not trust others easily.
    But even if you can not trust them, you will not get in a conflict.
    You think high of your senses and a will power to put into action.
    You are extremely good at handling work as well as personal relationships.
    You dislike having to bow down to authority.
    You have a strong will to stand against something that is unreasonable, and will refuse orders even if it is from your boss.
    You have a fighting spirit that you don't show often.
    You tend to place your self a step back in a society, so you lack ambition and a desire to succeed.
    But because of this, you don't have desire for material things, and will gain trust of the others.
    You are kind to those around you, and hard on yourself
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    hahaha.. this is somewhat true...
    > Refuse orders from ma boss
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    You Are Silver FAWN

    You are Silver Fawn, who don't show emotions openly.
    People think you are easy to get on, because of your gentle and modest character.
    However, you are really an extremely proud person, and will not compromise easily.
    You live truthfully to your beliefs.
    You will not easily withdraw your opinion.
    Sometimes you get pestered like young children.
    You dream of leading life as a maverick.
    But in reality, you respect duty and obligation, and are kind person.
    On the other hand, you tend to observe your circumstances with an observant eye.
    You show great identity, and are very clear on what you like and dislike.
    Once you dislike something, you will not come to like it again.
    You are also indifferent to things.
    You do not care much about getting promotions, your relationship with someone you are going out with, and so on.
    If you take interest in arts and literature, your talent may open up, and a turning point of your life will arrive. Y
    ou are loyal to something that you consider a life-work.
    You should be the head of your own business.
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    You are Black Sheep type, who cares and have consideration for others and are easy to get on with, so you are liked by those around you.
    Your personality is solid and conservative.
    You tend to have a balanced and a neutral relationship.
    Fortunately, this modesty leads to gain favor of the others.
    To catch trend, you get absorbed in seeking information through televisions and magazines.
    You know trivia and are never out of subjects in conversational.
    You hate to loose and are always confident.
    You are proud and almost anything that appeals to you or find it interesting, you tackle it with all your effort.
    Although you are not good at bargaining, your cleverness and preciseness cover up for that.

    The result is not affected by your weak point.
    Because you don't get attached to one thing, you are not good at long-term plans.
    Sometimes you get in a pet like children when things don't go the way you like; it is to your compassionate and caring personality that people are attracted to.
    Your natural sense of humor is effective way to maintain social common sense.
    If you can gain a strong mind to finish off what you have started, you may even have a potential to become a successful business founder.
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    We've a lot of monkeys in here. :p

    Ahem... [​IMG]


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    BTW, this looks somewhat similar to Chinese astrology. I was born in the year of the rat if anyone wants to check that as well...
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    You are Yellow Elephant, who is tough in appearance and in physique.
    Although you may be rather rough in personality, you are also honest and dedicated man.
    You believe that putting maximum effort is the meaning of life.
    You think extremely high of efforts.
    You dislike laziness, and therefore you will not take on cutting corner work.
    You think it is a shame to make complaints, and do not like to give up half way.
    So when you face a situation where you can not handle, you tend to get very upset.
    You can have a good relationship with people you respect.
    But you will be hard on those who shows no responsibility, but because you are generally a charming person, people will like you.
    You are big brother type, and have very independent mind.
    Your success will be up to how you can cooperate with the others.
    You tend to dig deep into one topic, and you wish to become a specialist.
    People, who lead life in that direction, tend to achieve great results.
    You will be good at being a doctor or an engineer.
    Nevertheless you ought to be careful not to become too specialized and concentrate too much in just one field.
    You should also look at different area as well.