What are the best games to play and why?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by petdevils, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. petdevils

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    Hey Guys,

    I've only recently gotten a decent puter after having a glorified pocket calculator running a mental version of win 3.1 for the last decade. Point is i wanna play some decent games and i've been out of the loop so long i don't know what's the best? I've got a 1.8 P4 with 512 DDR RAM Geforce 2 MX 400 64 meg and XP Pro on a 56k connection :)(). I tried downloading counter strike i think but it didn't work....is this part of half life or something cause it seemed to want that to run it? These are the things i don't know so if you list a game that needs something else to run, please list that too so i know. Any good sites for warez or links would be good to(don't know if they are allowed here, if not then just ignore my question?)

    Mostly looking for doom type games, racing games, games like citizen kabuto (eg have misisons, build things etc), but anthing else that's cool i'm pretty easy.

    oh and at Eolis' suggestion can you put a star next to the ones with single player capabilities....... :)

    Thanks guys
  2. Eolis

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    What kind of games you like?? Counter Strike kinda stuff??
    I don't remember Counter Strike needing Half Life, but I could be mistaken......

    Half life and addons for it*
    Global Operations*
    Red Faction*
    Delta Force: Land Warrior*
    Soldier of Fortune*
    Unreal Tournament
    Quake III Arena

    These are a few of the GOOD online games. I put a star next to the ones with single player capabilities.......

    Hope you have a good vid card like:

    nVidia Geforce 2 and above (lotsa brands with these chips on them)
    ATI Radeon 7500 and above
    Matrox G400

    High Speed Data connection wouldn't hurt, either....

    Hope this helps somewhat.......

    *UPDATE* Jsut read your other post about what vid card you got. That's the same as mine. You'll be alright until DOOM III comes out. Then you and I both will be upgrading......
  3. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    1. GTA3
    2. GTA3
    3. GTA3

    any other game is only there FOR ME TO POOP ON!
  4. Eolis

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    Tbird, I got that video from Conan with that dog raggin' the Star Wars fans outside a movie theater. That was GREAT STUFF!!!!!
  5. petdevils

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    will doom III really make our cards too slow or something, it will work won't it, even if slow?
  6. mudguts

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    The first versions of counterstrike required the full install of half life game to run. They released a standalone version of counterstrike game sometime last year.Should be available in all good computer game shops.

    Medal of Honor Allied Assault
    Soldier of Fortune 2
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    All are good Games and should run with no probs on your system
    You should check em out

    Hope this helps
  7. Eolis

    Eolis Guest

    I kinda read an article with the ID staff, and it seems to me that the video cards are going to have to be of the newer models (GF3 maybe), I think the Radeon is supposed to work best with the game, but not sure if anything less than an 8500 will work. Screen shots of actual gameplay look like fully rendered stills. Awesome looking. I don't have much hope for my 64mb GF2 MX400 to run it very smoothly, if at all. Worth finding articles and reading up on, if you plan to play it (Who won't?)....

  8. petdevils

    petdevils Guest


    are these able to play single player or are online games?

  9. xsk8zerox

    xsk8zerox Moderator

    Those are single player. sof2 and rtws have internet multi player.. im not suer about metal of honor though.. never played
  10. mudguts

    mudguts Guest


    They all have singleplayer ( training or tuition levels ) as well as multiplayer gamemode.

    There are various gamesites that offer free demos and u could possibly try b4 you buy so to speak, that way if u dont like it u lost nothing except a little downloading time. ;)
  11. petdevils

    petdevils Guest

    not a bad idea, taa :)
  12. Adawa Kisai

    Adawa Kisai Guest

    Star Wars games. It's really that simple. Get them all. NOW! GO!
  13. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    what games u can play now ? hmm , really serious ..
    1. Max Payne
    2. Return To Castle Wolfenstein ( very good )
    3. Emperor Battle For Dune ( pretty boring )
    4. 4x4 Evolution ( pretty nice )
  14. Grandmaster

    Grandmaster Electronica Addict Political User Folding Team

    Santa Clara, CA

    I FULLY agree... i have only played GTA3 for about 2 hours, and it is VERY Addictive.

    Basically GTA3 is a 3rd Person Shooter/Driving Game/Action... VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ALOT OF GAMING ITES SUCH AS GAMESPY.COM0 AND IGN.COM AND MAGAZINES SUCH AS EGM(Electronic Gaming Monthly)

    So go by it already!:D

  15. therev

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    you are all insane... counterstrike...is down right the best game... no if and or buts.... (jedi knight 2 is sweeeeeeet also) but cs is the most popular game played in the world. and is for a reason. its the best
  16. xsk8zerox

    xsk8zerox Moderator

    YEA i forgot about max payne.. that game is one of the best.