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    I am crazy. I have 2 USB Hard Disk, one (A) was bought about half a year ago, the other (B) was bought two months ago.

    From last week on, A cannot be read in my PC but B can, I tried serveral times and the result was the same. I thought maybe A is broken, but A has at most all my data of job, so I asked my colleage for help.

    When he inserted A in his PC, oh my god, it can be read. what a surprice! Then I tried to insert it in my pc again, there was still no response. :mad:

    what should I do? Anybody can help me?
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    Plug into your friends pc and get your data off
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    does it do the same if you use a different usb port on your pc ?
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    Either your USB port is broken, your MB USB is broken or the drivers damaged, or you have accidental set your PC to ignore the USB HD.

    It sounds like your PC is set ot ignore that HD since the other HD works ok.

    1) As above get the data backed up before doinganything else.
    2) Go to my computer- manage- Disk Management and see if the USB drive shows up. If it doesn't under action try Rescan.

    It is also possible some new deivce took the drive letter the old USB drive was using. Try removing anything new you added so the same drive letter can be used for the USB HD.
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