western Dig or IBM

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by VampiricuS, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. VampiricuS

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    going to upgrade my main drive finally to something bigger. 80 gig will do really. So im wondering which to get. Ive never really had any probs with either brand but its been a while and new stuff changes every years it seems in performance and reviews. Any advice and a brief description why would be greatly appreciated.
  2. rettahc

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    Well maybe I'm just really unlucky, but I've had 2 western digital drives go bad in the last year:( and both were under a year old. the only good thing about it was that WD is really good about replacing defective drives.
  3. RagnaroK

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    Western Digital seems to be getting better, and IBM have always been a stable brand. Though not on your list, I do still prefer Seagate, lasted me a couple of years with no hitches or problems what so ever.
  4. Nick M

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    IBM. A certain kind. the GXP series. Those really rock, and are rid of all the bugs that plauged IBM in the past. I have a 120GB GXP drive, and it rocks.
  5. Jz1397-5

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    i like IBMs, but with my experience with WD 80-100GB 8MB Cache drives, i would have to say go with the 8mb version. if you are going 100+, go with the GXP series from IBM
  6. Iceman

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    I like and use IBM's as well, I had one go bad on me, but IBM replaced it no problems.

    WD have used those in the past as well with no problems, just keep in mind all Hard drives have a failure rate, and it doesn't really matter who makes them. Any Hard Drive can crash tomorrow, is it likely to happen? no, but just keep that in mind and make decent backups.

  7. Nick M

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    I agree with Iceman, all harddrives have a certain failure rate, and also, I think it just depends on which make of a HDD you get. Get 2 exact IBMs. Maybe one of those will fail on 2nd day, while the other one will run for 10 years.
  8. Goatman

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    Get a 80 GB WD Special Edition with the 8 MB Cache. They are fast, and affordable.