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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by eGoalter, Mar 28, 2002.

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    my dvi port doesnot work with the nvidia 28.32 drivers,either.
    only the 21.85, and 22.50 work, it seems that every driver,(official or not) above 22.80, has a prob with dvi ports. i have an 18 inch sony sdm m81 digital flat panel. ive tried everything,including all possible monitor drivers. does mabey someone know of somthing i can try,as of now i cant use any new nvidia drivers, and the dvi port is sooooomuch better quality than the analog port.also my vid card is a visiontek xtasy geforce 3 ti 500. all there support will tell me is that it might be a driver issue? ahh DUH!!!! thats apparent, but i dont get how the dvi port works in the older drivers but not any new or official drivers....yes i posted this before a while back, but im desperate here.and it cant be a hardware malfunction on my vid card or my monitor,because
    any driver below 22.50,or 22.80 work just fine........:mad:
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    DVI is not natively supported in all Nvidia drivers because it is a manufacturer's choice to include them

    So until your manufacturer updates the drivers on thier website for your specific card your SOL. Same goes for TV-out. with some Nvidia drivers my TV-out doesn't work...the new 28.32..my tv-out didn't work...so I went to my card makers site (visiontek) downloaded their 28.32 drivers and bam tv-out worked instantly :)
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    great thx for reply

    that sounds like you might be on to somthing there. so does visiontek have 28.32 on there page that are specific for there boards? funny thing i dont think i have tried any
    drivers from there site. i figured there was no diff. but now you got me thinkin back to hercules,and there drivers, so im gonna check that, and thx for some insight. i thought i
    was a lost cause ,since noone else had ever mentioned this. and it makes sense about em not being natively supported since tons of nvidia cards dont have dvi. hehe guess it takes a push from someone to get more ideas...:D