Well some good news, and some bad

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Son Goku, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Well I guess it will make more sense to give the bad first, so here goes. Earlier today my case temp climbed rather high, aka 37 C, whereas previously it was sitting about 29 C. Temps had inched a bit upwards over the past couple days, but today, well... Well the CPU temp also went up some, and I was starting to see over 50 C.

    So I looked into it, and it looked as if the 120 mm fan at the front of the case wasn't spinning anymore.

    Anyhow, onto the good. When I was down buying a new fan to quickly swap it out, noticed that Best Buy is having a sale and they're selling 512 MB DIMMs of Corsair XMS memory for the 400 MHz DDR bus for about $69.95 now. Of course, they're out of stock, and it's a wait and see if more comes on the truck. But I might be able to get more then this 512 MB of XMS 2400 (aka 300 MHz DDR bus max) memory swapped out.

    I'm running case open at present, though unfortunately it doesn't seem to have gone back exactly to 29 C again, albeit it's gone down some as measured. Dunno...
  2. Son Goku

    Son Goku No lover of dogma

    OK, that explains why temps won't fall as far

    The old fan that hadn't appeared to be spinning anymore


    The new one is rated at

    rated .31a
    current .32a (max)
    speed 2100 rpm +/- 10%
    air flow 73.70 cfm

    The older fan was a bit stronger at 90 cfm. Still, when one loses the biggest fan in their case, it needs replacing and fast...