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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Spider, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. Spider

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    This is a strange problem:
    I got XP Pro (OEM) installed as my only OS, and IE 6 as my only browser.
    When I try Windows Update manually, it says i need windows to avail of windows update!! Similarly, when i access, it says my browser is of a lower version. ( and i shuld upgrade to IE 5 or 6. I had updated windows before this problem started. Didn't get SP1, but got the cumulative update of IE6, and the problems have started from then. I uninstalled that update, and reinstalled XP and IE, nuthing has helped!
    Any suggestions?
  2. jak deth

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    Is this a clone or a proprietary machine such as a Dell, Compaq, etc.?
  3. Howling Wolf

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    Well, I would install SP1 over a fresh install, may fix your problem, provided (once again) you're a legit user of XP...
  4. Spider

    Spider Guest

    Yes, I have a legit version of XP Pro. And this is an assembled PC, tho the assembler is a big company here. but it's not an HP, Compaq, Dell, etc...