Weird Halflife Errors

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Hellbound, Feb 14, 2002.

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    Hello out there!

    Most of the Halflife problems I've been reading over on this forum pertain to in-game errors. So, I thought I'd throw a new problem everyone's way and hope you can help.

    None of sierra's utilities work on my machine. I've tried to install the HL updater. What happens is when I browse to my HL folder to tell it where to install, it tells me I've chosen an invalid directory and I must choose the one where HL.exe is located. But... I did, honest! :D

    I happen to have the update also, but it does the same exact thing. I'm in a CS clan and I need to be able to play. From what I've seen of XP so far, I love it. But if I can't play this game I have to dump it :(

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    Perhaps if you delete it (backing up your configs of course) , delete the reg entries then try a reinstall.