Weird CD Burning problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lukas, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. Lukas

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    Since a few days, I have a weird problem while trying to burn audio cd's in Windows Media Player.

    As you all know MP converts the files at first... and then burns them on cd. Now after convertig I get errors on the rest of the files and the mediaplayer asks me if I still want to burn the cd...

    It's pretty weird, it's almost always 50% of the files, and only mp3. the *.wma's work fine. Easy cd creator works fine too.

    I've allready installed the patch for cd-burning problems from windows update...

    Any ideas...


  2. phishhead

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    have you tried letting WMP to convert the files to mp3's in your music folder and then burning them from the folder seperately. or is that what you are doing?
  3. szobal

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    My experience with the XP burning S/W has been spotty. I went to the Nero website and downloaded a trial copy about 6 weeks ago, and was impressed to the point that I purchased a retail version.
    Steve Z.
  4. DarkSiege

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    You should use something better to burn music onto CDs. Nero is pretty should try it :)
  5. Hilander

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    Try Exact Audio Copy
    It does everything Nero does (audio) and it's MP3 conversion is a lot better and it's free.
  6. szobal

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    Hey, Hilander-
    Does "Exact Audio Copy" play in Windows XP?? I'm not much into Audio burning (Backups and Archieves are my main thing).
    Steve Z.
  7. Lukas

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    Well, the files are in mp3 format, and WMP converts them into I don't know what before burning em on the cd rom

    The rest of you guys:

    I know I'm beeing kinda stupid here, but I like WMP, heve the complete library fully filled out, every detail, artist, genre, etc.... (over 2000 files), so I really would like to stick to WMP.

    thnx 4 the replies
  8. Hilander

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    EAC has no problems in XP that I am aware of. In fact it was the only CD program I didin't have trouble with.

    Not stupid, it takes time to fill them suckers out, so it kinda makes sense to stick with what you have. On the other hand, if that info is in a .dat file (I don't use WMP much so I'm not familiar with that aspect) then you can import it into just about any burning program, EAC included.