Weird Boot Problem??!! P L E A S E H E L P!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ed2k, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. ed2k

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    Hello I was playing with my windows xp services a few weeks ago and my computer started fast and worked fine. Now all of a sudden it still boots quick (just half a turn when booting) but when i get to the login screen it stalles there for about 40 seconds doing nothing and then shows me my desktop? How can I fix this?

    Before I had this problem, I would see the login screen for a few seconds and then see my desktop. Please Help.
  2. Qumahlin

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    make sure you've run Bootvis, and use msconfig to see what programs and services you are loading in the background.
  3. ed2k

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    Bootvis shows that Login+Services takes 45 seconds. Thats where the problem is. When I use bootvis to optimize, I get a timeout.
  4. Static 99

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    Found this info at: System Application

    COM+ Event System ~ You will receive, in the Event Log, a entry from "DCOM" complaining about not having this service running if Disabled. I am unaware of any application that uses COM+, but if set to Manual, many services report to it, so it will start anyway. Required for System Event Notification. For the fun of it, head to
    "C:\Program Files\ComPlus Applications" on your system and see if any "COM+" Applications are installed. If not, you can probably disable this service with no side effects (besides the Event Log complaining upon reboots.) Take note: BootVis Requires Task Scheduler and COM+ Event System to be running if you wish to take advantage of the "optimize system" function. Why? It is due to the pre-fetching function built into WinXP. Another Note: Pre-fetching only occurs on boot up, so if you do not care about a few extra seconds of boot time, do not even bother with it and disable Task Scheduler. BV Recommends: Disabled for super tweaking, Automatic for "safe" configurations.
    Dependencies: Remote Procedure Call (RPC)